Crime Coast: Mafia Wars

Crime Coast: Mafia Wars 43

Recruit your Mafia gang of hoodlums

Crime Coast: Mafia Wars from Pixel Squad is a free game app that's sure to appeal to the gangster in players. In this game criminals rule and lawlessness is the way to win and recruit your Mafia gang of hoodlums.

You'll need to build your own gang hideout using settlers to build homes, fight as many criminals and gangsters as possible to earn their respect and get them into your gang of hoods and hire hitmen to root out your enemies.

You make your money in Crime Coast: Mafia Wars via traditional gangland techniques such as protection rackets, drugs dealing, assassinations and big raids and robberies on banks and major outlets.

Success in the Crime Coast: Mafia Wars games means you'll be king of crime in the city, but you won't have any time to relax because rival gangs will soon be beating up on you and your gang members, out to raid all your money and possessions. You'll have the police and the DEA on your tail throughout this exciting game and weapons include nukes and handguns.

Check out all the exciting features of this Mafia game and prepare to become lord of the underworld, ruling your crime family with an iron fist and spending all your time fighting and dealing so you maintain your supremacy as Godfather of the Crime Coast.

This app has a size of 47M and is available for Android of 4.0.3 and above. Users should be aware that the game contains violent scenes and has an interactive purchase feature included with products available from £3.99 and increasing to a maximum of £79.99.

This is version 43 of the game and new features include a Big Blue Lab, new law office and defensive structure cloaking. You'll also discover lots of crazy Halloween features in this game, giving you a spooky Mafia experience all year.

If you enjoy shoot 'em ups and have a yen to rule your own gang then this Mafia Wars game is a great choice and you'll discover the popular app is addictive and mind blowingly exciting.

Crime Coast: Mafia Wars


Crime Coast: Mafia Wars 43

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